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I'm with the band

Saturday the guys played a few sets at the Irene Village market.

I joined them, and by joining I mean I went to the market and had a coffee smoothy in solitude.

I love people watching and music and crafts so it was a no brainer.

Now The Oh So Serious have been playing a few markets recently but this is OUR market. Marike and I have even had a stall there when we still had Kolipolki our little people fashion label. We practically live walking distance away. I feel at home here. Its always good to see the buzzing craft stalls and entrepreneurs on a high. This market attracts thousands and they have been going strong for many years. They are well established.

While I was sitting there I took some snaps of the band and I really enjoyed the natural swing in the walkers-by steps. I particularly enjoyed meeting Liza and her daughter who just chilled for a while soaking up the melodies. Her daughter decided that her mum's hair needed braiding. It was refreshing to encounter this little act of love you hardly ever see this in public.

It's really cool. I don't feel like just a consumer when I am on the Smuts house soil. Even though the festive season has without doubt added a few more feet to the market, and this is a good thing for the entrepreneurs. I felt like people weren't as rushed and really enjoyed the experience as an 'outing' instead of just doing 'shopping' and we all know how that has become a tedious experience in shopping malls.

When you support locals, things become so beautifully simplistic.

People enjoy themselves and I enjoy people.

Its not always easy being 'with' the band.. but gigs like these are a breath of fresh me anyway.

You can find out more about the market and the band here:

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