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Recent Projects include:

My Space self-study and documentation during COVID-19.

Life in Plastic exploring the conflicting ties to culture and focusing on the stereotypical traditional ideals of preserving the female role, the body of work observes consumerism and pollution in the Middle East and the lack of sustainability in fashion in general. Life in Plastic is an ongoing project with segments, SALT, SHIELD, TAINT and LUNGS. Link here

Amalgamating with nature Series is a collaboration with performance artist Mandri Sutherland

Link to a recent Klyntjie article here

The Car Guard Chronicles (an ongoing project ) captures the humility in the people that society often ignores and disregard. I am naturally drawn to outcasts and people in need, and this project continues to drive me. I have met so many people and have gained so much confidence in confronting the rawness of everyday life as a South African. The sponsorship Olympus and Fuji Instax provided has made it possible for me to leave an instant portrait with each person I meet. Some of which have never had their photo taken. By sharing these tales I feel that people have the chance to connect with others who otherwise would have never given them a second thought.  You can check out the Car Guard Chronicle here

Getaway Finalist 2017 Link here

Jeanne Abrahams

photo taken by Marianne Brits-Strodl

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