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It took me a while to do my first blog post on here, perhaps I was afraid. I wasn't sure if it was the right thing on which to expose myself and my work. After all there are so many blogs, what was going to make mine readable? likeable even... why even bother? I kept delaying.

Then I realised just like photographs, blogs can be a place where I can deposit memories, I can go back a year from now, track my progress and even more so keep tabs on all the wonderful faces that I have shot over the years see how they have changed over the years. Perhaps I can put questions and ways to improvise out to the universe, there might even be someone out there just like me making the same mistakes that keep them from photography instead of pushing them towards it. Either way I decided to give it a go.

The intention of my blog is to endorse the honesty of my journey as a photographer and keep it pure. This blog space will be for me and for the people who are growing with me. This leaves me to just write it how it is with bad grammer spelling mistakes and all.

I wasn't sure what image to use for my first post,

I thought I'd post something pure and dear to me.

Meet Anouk

Anouk is the daughter of artist Yolandi Prins, a dear friend of mine. Naturally being Yolandi's firstborn we all adore her, but there is a special kind of joy that I experience when I look at Anouk through my lens. Beside the fact that this is a beautiful child. I feel like she makes taking pictures easy. Almost EVERY TIME. I don't feel pressured, I don't feel that my technique is wrong I don't even feel like I need to focus on every speck of light and where it is falling, I am at ease. I know her beauty and curious little mind will beam through despite what I do from a technical side. I am free to just capture her sparkle effortlessly. I know this could be seen as cheating and not really relevant to the photography world but I feel that every photographer should have their own Anouk.

Now strange as it happens to be Anouk has been part of my journey, without me realising how important she is. When I decided to pursue my own photography journey, she was a baby. She has become a ray of light in my image collections. I like to look at her pictures, it boosts my confidence whenever I feel like I don't belong in the photography world.

The image below was taken a week ago when they surprised me with a visit. Anouk, being at a curious age was playing with Shelby, swinging and then gave the piano a go. She had no idea i was about to take a picture...then again neither did I. It is by no means a work of art, but to me it captures her and myself both, and thats the magic.

I feel very lucky that Yolandi allows me to take her picture when ever I feel the need.

I honestly feel the magic that she can see.

"Children see magic because they look for it." ― Christopher Moore

All images © 2024 Jeanne van Heerden

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