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I've been forced to answer the question too many times to mention. "why photography?”

I always end up answering something lame and generic. Honestly, I don't like explaining why I do things. I just do it. Sometimes it works out for me, sometimes it doesn't.

The truth is photography chose me. I can’t remember the exact moment, it was more like a series of moments that lead me in this direction and still continues to. I am a qualified fashion designer on a ‘sabbatical’, somewhere in the sweat and glitter I realised that I found more pleasure in the detail of the design, rather than the actual outcome. I started looking at garments differently. Nowadays I don't just go buy random items anymore, I have become obsessed with the finer detail. What thread they used, how the pattern was manipulated, was this a good design, was it poor. The chosen fabric vs the cut, the grain and duty. The imperfection of a stitch giving away that one of a kind value. I am ruined in a sense. It takes me so much longer to make up my mind. I can no longer just nonchalantly purchase a brand name with blind faith that it would be a quality product. This then moved onto food. I started reading and researching all the ingredients and realised that if something had the perfect colour and sparkly look to it, that it had to be modified and I couldn't put that into my body any longer. You start looking closer without thinking about it. You appreciate the imperfections, the brown spots on the apples, and value it as the true art. You understand the need for balance and the dreadfulness of how things would be without the imbalance. The scars of loss, tears of happiness, despair, love, craft, joy, difficulty,terror, architects perfect angle, newborns, grandparents, all add dimension and meaning to the story we are apart of. It’s an imperfect paradise!

I am obsessed with detail. The perfect imperfection of everyday. Mostly they drive me nuts…I always notice them. It’s a never ending road, it might not be perfect but odd imperfections are more likely to interest me and evoke my emotions than anything else.

“There is something perfect to be found in the imperfect: the law keeps balance through the juxtaposition of beauty, which gains perfection through nurtured imperfection.”

― Dejan Stojanovic

This photo was taken by me on the streets of Paris, the city of love during summer-

"The lollipop in the corner, was it truely wasted?"

All images © 2024 Jeanne van Heerden

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