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Credit Card Dept and the City of lights

Sometimes we get so caught up in everyday life and our comfortable ways. We excuse ourselves and indulge in consumerism. The things that we really REALLY want to do and experiences that truly enrich our lives take a back seat all to often.

Now I do realise that I have been known not to be very realistic about certain things and that I might have my priorities all topsy turvy. BUT....Some things are just meant to be (for me anyway) I just love when a random encounter leads to a wonderful friendship and a bunch of treasured memories, Destiny vibes, I live for this. I absolutely do.

So... there we were traveling to all Bruce Springsteen's shows on his South-African leg of his tour. needless to say Bruce and the E street band were incredible. On our flight back from Cape town we were having a siggie outside the airport and spotted fellow fans you could see them a mile away, you know how it is, Our kind. We starred in recognition and smiled at each other each probably going over how epic the show was. Later inside, Vana got trapped speaking to a dead-sea cream selling hot chick..I buggerd off and got talking to Sylvie and Nathalie, perhaps it was the nerves from flying but I broke loose chatting like only I can do. We almost missed our flight and by the time we got back home I just knew we had gained 2 new friends for life.

Skip ahead a few months into the new year and after many chats and mails to both Sylvie and Nathalie our friendship was a sure thing. I was busy editing and messing around on FB one morning and read an article on Jack White's Lazeretto tour. Next thing I knew and without thinking I bought Vana and myself tickets to go to his show at the Grand L'Olympia In Paris. I broke the news to Vana that night... He was um do I put it, surprised that I would just do something like this without even asking if he had time off or could go. I think he forgave me when we were standing in the historic theatre watching Jack distort the night away.

Sylvie met us when we arrived and welcomed us into her lovely home. There we were practically strangers we had only met at the airport that one time.. wine and french snacking the night away listening incredible music.

The rest of the week in Paris was like a really was.

Vana and Benjamin a phenomenally talented french musician friend had an incredible gig at a marvellous underground venue in Pigalle called the Orphée (Club Privé). Where we met incredible people who have since become friends too. Even walking on the river provided effortless friendly conversations with local violinist practising and handing out information about the cave where I would see my first true Manouche gypsy band. It was that night we had in the Marais that made me realise how small the world was if you open yourself up to it chance is happening all the time. Inside the 'cave' we randomly bumped into 4 other people we kinda knew.. what are the odds I meen this is a small underground bar, with max 25 people. It all felt just a bit meant to be..everyone there agreed.

We all need some excitement we all need adventure stop fighting it and see the gentle signs all around you. Just take the leap do it... I haven't regretted a single last minute travel trip to date...

You don't take your credit card dept to the grave...

I chose to write about our visit to Paris

1, I wanted to share the image of Paris I love, and find out what you think of the editing style I was toying with.

2, Because somewhere deep inside I think my ultimate dream is to be a travel photographer.

3. I had no idea a city could steal my heart instantly.

4.To prove a point, if we hadn't just jumped the opportunity our lives would not be enriched as it were. Just take that leap of faith, you have way more to gain,

Do you have similar stories ? I hope so xx


All images © 2024 Jeanne van Heerden

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