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Brilliant morning spent with Gem, Arno and the kids at Irene Dairy farm.

These kids had such a jol! I really recommend the farm for a ‘relaxing’ outing if you have kids.

Everyone knows that there is special place in my heart reserved for Keegs, its always good to see the little boy with the big eyes and big dreams! So obviously we said yes when Gemma suggested a farm ‘breakfast’

I went walking with the kids, Keegan was reluctant to sticking his hand in the calfs mouth for some suckling slime but once he gave it a go it was all smiles and giggles! Strange how something so gross can be so much fun. Anoushka, the tiniest little girl with so much personality was careful but loved it too! Franco has such a fantastic personality and character for a young boy there is quite the age difference there but he is so delicate and loving with his younger sister and cousin, it really is amazing to watch him watch over them in such a caring way. The things big brothers are made of. Its good for kids to be around farm animals and to muck about outdoors. The morning spent with them was amazing something about being around kids that make everything seem possible.

All images © 2024 Jeanne van Heerden

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