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Nicolette's 40th | Monte De Dios

I'm always very happy to be part of any celebration, so when I got a mail from Nicolette via my website I didn't think twice. She asked me to photograph her birthday, I would have never guessed that she was turning 40. I didn't know anything about her before the shoot, but afterwards I could tell that there was something very special about this woman. She spoke softly and had very sensitive eyes, but she was strong I just recognized her strength somehow.

During her thank you speech she called all the kids on stage to sing for her twin brother that was away celebrating with his family. There were 90 people at her birthday, and she made sure everyone felt special. The kids even had their own entertainment section. It made me happy that they were equally important in the arranging of the party. I took some pretty pictures of the kids in their element.

The venue was beautiful too I hope to return there soon.

All images © 2024 Jeanne van Heerden

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